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Flow Cytometry

Microbial Flow Cytometry

BD FACS Melody

BD FACS Melody

The BD FACSMelody  instrument allows for Flow Assisted Cell Sorting (FACS) of microbial communities, and is capable of 3-laser excitation (blue, violet, red) and 9-color detection of cells or particles <100 µm in diameter from a mixed liquid sample.

The system automatically sorts separated cells to microcentrifuge tubes, 5mL tubes, and various multi-well plates (e.g., 48, 96 well plates) using drop formation and deflection. Stream alignment and droplet formation is automated and accomplished in ~5 minutes. Temperature control of the sample and sort vessel is possible for highly temperature-sensitive cells. In addition, preservative-free (e.g., azide) sheath fluid can be used to ensure viability of sorted cells. The BD FACSMelody is versatile and powerful, as well as simple to set up and operate – thus making it ideal for new and experienced users of flow cytometry. This availability of this instrument was made possible through support from the NSF MRI program and NC State University (Office of Research and Innovation, College of Sciences, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and the College of Engineering).

Location & Usage

The BD FACS Melody instrument is housed in the MicroFACS facility of Dr. Ryan Paerl, located in Jordan Hall on NC State University’s main campus. This laboratory is a teaching, research and training facility (BSL1 lab).

Users can request training or schedule usage through the GSL lab management system. Usage fee structures are based on either on hourly or daily use, with both supervised and unsupervised (after training) options available.

Documentation and resources