(Effective July 1, 2013)

Illumina Sequencing Prices will increase May 1st, 2015

Prices below are for all researchers, including those affiliated with NCSU, UNC, Duke, and other non-profit organizations.

LifeTech 3730xl Services

BAC & fragment analysesper 96 well plate$30.00
PCR clean upper 96 well plate$52.00
Single Seq Rxnper sample$4.00
Seq Rxn Set Up & Clean Up (96-well)per 96 well plate$276.00
Seq Clean Up & Seq (96-well)per 96 well plate$150.00

Lab/Misc Services

RNA (extraction from tissue)per 2 samples$75.00
cDNA (synthesis and normalization) per sample$623.00

Illumina Services

*Notice* HiSeq and MiSeq Sequencing prices will be increasing, please contact for updated pricing. (Please inquire about other types of lane services.)

Illumina DNA and RNA Libraries 1-7 per sample$190.00
Illumina DNA and RNA Libraries 8-15 per sample$155.00
Illumina DNA and RNA Libraries 16-89 per sample$135.00
Illumina DNA and RNA Libraries 90+ per sample$125.00
MiSeq 50bp v2per lane (12M reads)$905.00
MiSeq 150x2per lane (12M reads)$1,124.00
MiSeq 250x250 v2per lane (12M reads)$1,250.00
MiSeq 150SR v3per lane (20M reads)$1034.00
MiSeq 300x300 v3per lane (20M reads)$1,650.00
NextSeq 500; 75SRper lane (200M reads)$925.00
NextSeq 500; 150SRper lane (200M reads)$1500.00
NextSeq 500; 150x150per lane (200M reads)$2300.00
HiSeq 2500; 100x1 base SE laneper lane (200M reads)$1,250.00

Lab/Misc Services

BioAnalyze samples - DNAper 1-10 samples$60.00
BioAnalyze samples - RNAper 1-10 samples$46.00
Pippen Prep 1-3 samplesper set$60.00
Pippen Prep 4-5 samplesper set$80.00
qRT-PCR plateper plate$24.00
Misc serviceper hour$72.00
Robotics/instrumentation useper hour$30.00

LifeTech Ion Proton Services

Ion Torrent (DNA Library Prep)per sample$275.00
Ion Torrent (RNA Library Prep)per sample$210.00
Ion Torrent (miRNA Library Prep)per sample$230.00
Ion Torrent (MP Library Prep)per sampleinquire
Ion Torrent (Sequencing)per chip$1,300.00
Ion Torrent (Intro Kit sequencing)per chip$800.00
Intro Rate)

FLX+ Services

FLX-Ti + 1 library sequence runper plateinquire


  • SPRI beads: $280 for 19 mls
  • Illumina Library Kit: $3350
  • Super Script: $320
  • Covaris Tubes: $7 ea