Chancellor’s Innovation Fund

Established in 2010 by NC State with the support of Chancellor William R. (Randy) Woodson, the Chancellor’s Innovation Fund (CIF) is used for the development and advancement of ideas and discoveries assigned to North Carolina State University.

The CIF assists NCSU innovators with reduction to practice or technology/product development needed to strengthen the commercial potential of intellectual property disclosed to the Office of Technology Transfer (OTT). Applicants for the funds are Innovators actively engaged with OTT who wish to enhance the commercial potential for promising technologies.

CIF awards of up to $75,000 are designed to support short-term (one year or less) commercially-focused research projects. Proposed CIF projects ideally incorporate study endpoints designed to directly address license-enabling milestones required by potential licensees. If qualifying matching funds are received from either the associated College and/or Department, the share of future license revenue for that unit(s), as described in NC State’s Patent Policy and Royalty Sharing Regulation, will be increased up to a maximum of 10%. A qualifying match is defined as funding provided by the College or Department that is equal to or greater than the amount requested in the CIF proposal. The provision of work release or equipment for CIF proposals is not considered a qualifying match.

Questions regarding the Chancellor’s Innovation Fund may be directed to: Seth Crossno, CIF Project Manager.
Phone: (919) 513-1320
CIF Application Process

CIF Pre-Proposal Invention Disclsoure


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