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The Office of Research and Innovation helps creators and problem-solvers change the world.

Our Mission

We strive to be creators, leaders, and good stewards of a strategic research ecosystem that services the community by empowering NC State to grow, discover and innovate while enriching the human experience and solving society’s most pressing problems.

Our Vision

We envision NC State as a global research leader that works across industry, academia and government to increase innovation and discovery and to deliver revolutionary, life-changing solutions.

Our Values


We believe in exploiting strategic research opportunities to drive discovery and the delivery of solutions to the marketplace.


We believe in taking responsibility for our actions and decisions in a timely manner and prioritizing efforts to maximize positive outcomes.


We believe in being adaptable and agile. When others say it can’t be done, we persist, and find a way by taking calculated risks.


We believe in the power of partnership and know that solutions can advance more quickly when we connect the right people at the right time.


We believe in providing the unique subject matter expertise necessary to empower and facilitate a world-class research enterprise.

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe in fostering an inclusive, equitable and diverse culture of excellence and strategic improvement.

Goals and Objectives

Our research community will achieve excellence using thoughtful goals and their corresponding objectives. These goals were set by applying a comprehensive strategic planning process to ensure we set a high bar for achievement for both the short and long term.

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Big Things Begin Here

The Office of Research and Innovation is the lead administrator of the university’s research enterprise. We work to lead and spark research innovation in many ways, such as operating key core facilities, providing seed grants and defining the university’s research mission through strategic research areas.

Services our office provides include:

  • Securing funding
  • Developing proposals
  • Connecting researchers to the right partnerships and collaborations
  • Commercializing research
  • Launching startup companies
  • Licensing intellectual property 
  • Ensuring all research is compliant
  • Stewarding the research lifecycle (finances, human resources, proposal paperwork, etc.)
  • Providing education and training on research best practices
  • Managing collaboration spaces (Core Shared Research Facilities, Centers and Institutes) to encourage interdisciplinary research
  • Cultivating an innovative interdisciplinary research culture
  • Enriching faculty members’ contribution by publicizing research results
  • Promoting NC State’s research endeavors 
  • Stewarding the research vision and resulting investments
  • Providing intramural seed funding to catalyze research 
  • Providing technical program management for interdisciplinary research initiatives
  • Overseeing and managing government funding relationships