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Our Team

We collaborate with other university organizations and external partners to advance NC State’s mission in research. From administration to development to commercialization, we’re invested in the success of our researchers every step of the way.

Who We Are

As chief research officer for NC State, the vice chancellor is responsible for the central units supporting the university’s sponsored research enterprise. In addition, he provides leadership and direction for 13 cross-disciplinary centers and institutes.


Mladen Vouk
Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation


Miriam Hines
Administrative Officer
P: 919.515.2117

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Research Operations and Communications provides leadership in development, planning and implementation of the Office of Research and Innovation’s strategic goals and initiatives. The associate vice chancellor for research operations and communications is a liaison to the vice chancellor and acts on his behalf. The unit provides logistical support to all Office of Research and Innovation units in the areas of strategic initiatives, reporting, centers and research cores, research development activities, communications, marketing, web services, special events and more. The unit leads all communications, marketing and web activities for the Office of Research and Innovation and facilitates activities between the office’s units and University Communications.


Genevieve Garland
Associate Vice Chancellor
Research Operations and Communications
and Chief of Staff


Sibyl Smith
Executive Assistant and Springboard Office Manager
P: 919.515.6183

The Integrated Support Service Center (ISSC) provides proposal, financial and administrative support for the Office of Research and Innovation’s centers and institutes, as well as principal investigators across the university who are not affiliated with a college research office.


Rick Liston
Assistant Vice Chancellor


Alexander Clark
Director for Research Fiscal Affairs
P: 919.513.2466

The Research Development Office (RDO) enhances collaborative research and lays the foundation for sustainable research growth. The office plans strategies to pursue large-scale projects, manages limited submission funding opportunities and the Office of Research and Innovation’s seed-funding programs, develops NC State’s research infrastructure and provides administrative oversight for centers and institutes.

RDO units include:


Jon Horowitz
Associate Vice Chancellor
Research Infrastructure and Development

Pradip Pramanik
Executive Director
Proposal Development Unit


Lisa Dyer
Executive Assistant
P: 919.515.6124

Sponsored Programs and Regulatory Compliance Services
 (SPARCS) provides central research administration support. Sponsored Programs assists with proposal submission, agreement negotiation and administration of sponsored projects. Regulatory Compliance oversees conflicts of interest and commitment management, export controls, facility security matters and research integrity.


Sherrie Settle
Associate Vice Chancellor
Sponsored Programs and Regulatory Compliance

Mary Millsaps,
Director of Research Compliance
Sponsored Programs


Monique Burnette
Operations Manager
P: 919.515.0856

The Office of Research Commercialization (ORC) excels in moving research innovations through the commercialization process. Licensing professionals provide inventors with a range of services to protect, market and license intellectual property developed at NC State. In addition, ORC assists new ventures generated from NC State inventions as they navigate the startup process.


Wade Fulghum
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Office of Research Commercialization


Roxane Wheeler
Temporary Executive Assistant
P: 919.513.9075

National Security and Special Research Initiatives leads NC State’s Data Sciences Initiative (DSI), the Laboratory for Analytical Sciences (LAS) and the National Laboratories Initiative. This team is also charged with strategic research development around national defense initiatives and quantum computing.


Alyson Wilson
Associate Vice Chancellor
National Security and Special Research Initiatives


Mary Catherine Cole
University Program Associate
P: 919.515.9394

We work closely with partner offices across campus to move NC State’s research enterprise forward.

Corporate and Foundation Relations

The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations supports NC State faculty and staff by initiating, cultivating and coordinating strategic relationships with nongovernment corporations and foundations that can lead to grants and charitable support.

Federal Relations

The Office of External Affairs, Partnerships and Economic Development serves as the primary liaison between the university and the federal government in order to increase understanding of and support for NC State’s federal agenda, primarily focused on NC State’s federal research initiatives. The Director of Federal Relations communicates federal policy changes and effects change in those policies when they would adversely impact the operations of NC State.

Office of General Counsel

The Office of General Counsel provides legal and risk management advice on a wide variety of matters to the Board of Trustees, the Chancellor, senior officers, other university administrators and faculty and staff who are acting on behalf of the university. The Office of General Counsel is committed to serving these individuals by facilitating creative and collaborative solutions and by providing advice to assist them in their daily decision-making and to further the university’s goals and initiatives.

Partnerships and Economic Development

The Office of Partnerships and Economic Development helps organizations save time and money by providing expert assistance and strategic connections. Centennial Campus Partnerships and Industry Alliances build relationships between the university, industries, government agencies and nonprofits with the goal of streamlining access to important resources on and off campus. Economic Development assists businesses and other organizations with expanding their operations in North Carolina and works closely with local and state government.