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Research Visitors

Research Visitors are academic visitors who will be performing research activities and require independent access to University facilities and/or resources.

Research Visitor Submission Process

To request access for a Research Visitor, follow the step-by-step guidelines noted here. To learn more about the roles and responsibilities of individuals in the process, please visit the Key Roles and Responsibilities webpage.

Step 1

Individual Host (or Individual Host delegate) seeks approval from Administrative Host. Administrative Hosts can grant approval via one of two ways:

*This step is optional during the pilot phase but will be required beginning Oct. 2, 2023.*

Step 2

Individual Host (or Individual Host delegate) initiates visit request by completing a Visiting Researcher Questionnaire.

Step 3

If approved, the request is forwarded to the Office of Research and Innovation (ORI). ORI will review proposed Research Visitor activity and determine if a Visiting Researcher Agreement (or similar documentation) is needed.

  • If a Research Visitor is also under the category of foreign visitor, the request will initially forward to the Export Controls Office to complete an Export Controls screen and Restricted Party screen.

Step 4

Unit HR lead receives request and conducts a Quality Assurance review. Once review is complete, HR lead initiates and completes HR action.

  • Visit the HR Unpaid job actions webpage for more information.

Step 5

Research Visitor identity is created and account becomes active. The Research Visitor, Individual Host and Administrative Host will all be notified once the process is complete and the Research Visitor is active in the system.

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