Interdisciplinary Initiatives

The Office of Research and Innovation supports strategically important interdisciplinary research efforts by NC State faculty and their external partners.

Office of Research and Innovation takes three approaches to support and sustain interdisciplinary research initiatives:

  • Convene individuals and organizations with common research interests
  • Provide seed funding for pilot research projects
  • Support of interdisciplinary graduate programs

Data Science Initiative

Understanding, managing and using data — often large amounts of unstructured data — is becoming increasingly important in nearly every industry, government sector and academic domain. Not having the skills and infrastructure to reliably apply data science has become a major risk in and of itself. The UNC System has recognized North Carolina’s capacity to provide national leadership in this important sector, and NC State is uniquely positioned to address these challenges and lead data science efforts on a national stage.

NC State’s Data Science Initiative will expand our research, teaching and outreach efforts to create a nationally recognized hub of excellence in data science and analytics. We will achieve these goals by better integrating our existing capabilities, improving data science education in both methods and applications, enhancing human and physical resources on a local, regional and national scale, and facilitating internal and external partnerships to further innovate and collaborate with current and future partners.

Neurosciences at NC State

Neuroscience research and education at NC State is rapidly growing. We believe that fundamental scientific insights occur when scientists are allowed to work in a flexible, collaborative and intellectually adventurous atmosphere that allows for convergence and integration across multiple disciplines. Our goal is to prepare our graduate students to be world-class scientists and leaders — unafraid of tackling the most significant scientific challenge of our era: integrating across the genetic, molecular, cellular, physiological and organismal levels to understand how the nervous system enables and changes function and behavior.

Smart Cities

NC State’s strengths in data analytics, advanced wireless, clean energy, wearables, advanced transportation, cybersecurity, and advanced manufacturing and storage uniquely position us to solve the technological challenges facing modern cities and communities.

Our goal is to catalyze collaboration between academia, industry and government to solve global problems. Harnessing NC State’s unique strengths to partner with municipalities, industry, nonprofits and other universities, we seek to advance applications and research while improving the human experience.