Research Enterprise Data System Goes Live

researchers have the green light to begin using NC State’s new Research
Enterprise Data system for projects that involve the care and use of animals.
The first module of the enterprise-level software went live May 1.

have until May 22 to switch to the new system. However, those who need to file
amendments or renewals for existing
projects should contact the animal care and use office at

excited to introduce the first module of the system to campus,” says Mladen
Vouk, vice chancellor for research and innovation. “The module will streamline
the oversight of the many activities across campus involving the humane care
and use of animals — which are essential to the teaching, research and
extension missions of our university.”

once required the submission and tracking of up to two dozen separate Microsoft
Word documents can now be done online in one place through the Research Enterprise
Data system. Principal investigators and designated editors can now fill out an
entire initial protocol application in one easy-to-use form, while any
subsequent amendments or renewals stay tied to the original within a master
document. All associated protocols can be accessed, edited, and bookmarked from
a dashboard.

all users will be able to view a map showing where their documents are in the
review process, making the process more transparent and easier to manage. The
Research Enterprise Data system will also make it easier for researchers to
pull data for compliance reports.

System training is available now at:

Quick reference guides, a comprehensive user manual and links to register for eLearnings and in-person training sessions are available. Visit REPORTER to register for upcoming in-person training sessions.

State will implement the remaining system modules in phases, including modules
for conflict of interest, sponsored programs, human subjects research, and
environmental health and safety. The conflict of interest module will go live
in the fall.

on this project was essential to the continued growth of NC State’s research
enterprise,” Vouk says. “There’s still much work to be done, but we are
confident the Research Enterprise Data system will streamline research
administration at NC State, ultimately allowing for our faculty’s research to
make an even bigger impact — from all 100 counties in North Carolina to across
the globe.”

This post was originally published in NC State News.