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Goals and Objectives

The Office of Research and Innovation has developed five goals and corresponding objectives in order to achieve their mission and vision.

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1. Be a catalyst for faculty and NC State research community engagement and research development

The Office of Research and Innovation is a driving force behind faculty success at NC State. We’re on the leading edge of new technology, and we offer a wide swath of resources to our community, including training opportunities, commercialization, proposal development and funding. From our Raleigh headquarters, we look toward the future as a leader not only in research but in greater service and higher education on a global scale.


  • Grow the research and innovation enterprise
  • Identify, promote and build consensus with colleges, departments and units on near and long-term research opportunities and resources
  • More fully engage faculty’s awareness of and participation in ORI’s services and programming 
  • Improve the productivity of the faculty by providing them with appropriate data, tools and resources
  • Build new and connect existing research and scholarship communities, make strategic investments to expand opportunities, and stay on the leading edge of science, engineering and scholarship

2. Foster an inclusive, equitable and diverse culture of excellence and continuous strategic improvement

As a preeminent technological research university, NC State promotes excellence in the laboratory, classroom and beyond. The Office of Research and Innovation invests in administration, compliance and resources to build an infrastructure for our growing enterprise. Our office will emphasize collecting and using data to determine key performance indicators and make advantageous decisions. With a heightened focus on diversity and inclusion in our workforce, we will ensure our office’s culture allows all researchers to succeed.


  • Continue to build and invest in research infrastructure to support the growth of the research enterprise
  • Use data and active internal and external participation to drive strategic decisions by establishing baseline metrics and key performance indicators
  • Continue to build the division’s culture through talent recruitment and retention, training and recognition
  • Focus on diversity and inclusion in recruitment, retention and day-to-day interaction and culture
  • Measure and improve customer service divisionwide

3. Leverage partnerships and collaborations to drive research and innovation

At the Office of Research and Innovation, solutions are limitless. That’s because we partner with public and private agencies to solve problems together. By working alongside government groups, global partners, internal collaborators, as well as private organizations, we open doors for impactful research opportunities. 


  • Increase federal government funding from DOD and NIH
  • Increase funding from non-federal sources, gifts and industry partners 
  • Define measurable data outcomes to report partnership successes
  • Develop relationships with new partners and deepen existing partnerships based on emerging research-and-nnovation trends
  • Pursue more international partnership opportunities
  • Increase collaboration with internal partners

4. Translating and commercializing research discoveries for societal impact

Research commercialization has a direct impact on our society. At the Office of Research and Innovation, we know we need a diverse, supportive culture for our results to benefit as many people as possible. By facilitating the commercialization process for faculty and by recognizing the vital work our researchers accomplish, our office will foster the success of the commercialization enterprise. 


  • Increase faculty understanding and knowledge of research commercialization
  • Advance the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in the tenure and promotion process
  • Create standard operating procedures for research commercialization processes 
  • Increase the diversity of the participants in research commercialization, with an emphasis on women
  • Foster a more pervasive culture of valuing and celebrating entrepreneurship and commercializing research discoveries by faculty, students and staff  
  • Grow the invention and research awards and recognition program
  • Partner with local and national groups to expand the visibility of and opportunities for research impact and commercialization

5. Advance the university’s research brand and reputation

The Office of Research and Innovation is dedicated to NC State, its researchers and its partners. As such, we will promote our services and accomplishments to internal and external organizations alike. Through collaboration, marketing and our institutional knowledge, our office will enhance both the research enterprise and the university as a whole.


  • Build reputation as the choice university partner
  • Better define and communicate our research and innovation strengths
  • Develop a 10-year vision for research and innovation areas of excellence
  • Engage tenure track faculty more fully by increasing ORI’s brand awareness 
  • Develop strategies to improve global rankings
  • Broadly communicate impact of our research and scholarship to enhance NC State’s global reputation

Strategic Research Areas

Our researchers are working hard to tackle some of society’s biggest problems. Take a look at the areas that define our research focus and result in real-world outcomes that benefit everyone.

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