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Research Visitors FAQs

Yes, the Visiting Researcher Questionnaire is the first step in the process and is required for ALL Research Visitors, including U.S. Citizens or those with Permanent Residency. 

In order to complete research-related publications, certain graduates who have been involved in research need a longer period of access than graduates automatically receive. The Request Process for Continued Access for Graduates will ensure continued access is appropriate and consistent with University PRRs and sponsor terms and conditions.

If the graduating NC State student will be working on new research projects and/or need independent access to research space or online resources to complete tasks outside of the scope of their graduate student project, then they should be appointed a UP02 Unpaid Research Scholar job code and complete the Research Visitor process.

Note: Graduating students can ask for an extension for their account to stay active for up to 58 days. The student would need to contact the NC State Help Desk via the NC State IT Service Portal or call 919.515.HELP (4357) to request this extension.

In accordance with University Human Resources rules, all personnel in the UP02 Unpaid Research Scholar job code, which should be used for all Research Visitors, must have a valid background check on file within the past year before they can be approved. Previous NC State faculty, staff and students would be subject to this requirement should they fall into this category.

These individuals are not considered Research Visitors but do require unpaid appointments in order to fully access NC State resources and system. They should not be processed under the UP02 Unpaid Research Scholar job code or go through the Research Visitor process. Please contact the Biomedical Engineering Business Office if you are hiring an individual in this designation and have any questions:

Please work with the Office of International Services (OIS) to determine the appropriate visa type for this individual and the correct process to complete. If needed, an export controls screen will be completed during the appropriate application process.

If the individual will be placed into an Unpaid Research Scholar (UP02) appointment and requires a J-1 visa sponsorship request from the Office of International Services at NC State, please use the J-1 Scholar Request Procedures to complete your submission through Global Home.

External thesis/dissertation committee members and technical consultants do not require a Unity ID to serve on a Graduate Student thesis committee. For more details, please refer to the NC State Graduate Handbook

If such a committee member is involved in research beyond simply serving on the thesis committee and does require a Unity ID to access NC State facilities that individual is considered a Research Visitor and should go through the full process and be provided access by utilizing the the UP02 Unpaid Research Scholar job code.

No. In this case, the individual already has full access to NC State facilities and online resources from their full- or part-time position. Please process these courtesy appointment requests using the UP11 Faculty All Ranks unpaid job code and complete the required documentation. 

No. These individuals and any research they conduct are not NC State-affiliated and, therefore, will not require an unpaid position with NC State. There is a separate request process for receiving a WolfPack One Card for individuals who require door access only and are not in need of a Unity ID and NC State identity. Please use the WolfPack One Card Request form:

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