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Research administration and compliance are essential to a successful university research enterprise. Responsibility is shared between researchers, academic units and central offices. The Offices of Sponsored Programs and Regulatory Compliance Services (SPARCS) and Contracts and Grants (C and G) work together to support projects through the award lifecycle. We begin by providing education and resources for the proposal and award process, and continue through risk assessments and negotiation of agreements and subawards. From there we oversee fiscal and programmatic compliance with sponsor requirements, federal regulations and ethical standards, continuing through award closeout. By providing resources, systems and customer service, we support research administrators campuswide and free investigators to concentrate on their research objectives.


Sponsored Programs is responsible for pre-award and nonfinancial post-award activities for contracts, grants and cooperative agreements. We partner with college research offices to ensure timely and compliant proposal submission. We negotiate and execute funding agreements, outgoing subawards, and nonmonetary agreements necessary to support university research. Regulatory Compliance Services comprises oversight functions for protection of human and animal research subjects, conflict of interest, export controls, and research integrity.

Contracts and Grants

The Office of Contracts and Grants manages and supports the financial administration and effort certification processes associated with sponsored projects awarded to NC State University. We ensure funds are spent appropriately and that accurate, timely information is provided to sponsors and the university community. From the establishment of an award to closeout, we provide expertise to help campus interpret guidelines and promote a culture of compliance across the university. Services provided by the Office of Contracts and Grants include invoicing, financial reporting, cash management, audit, effort certification and award closeout.