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NC State is committed to maintaining all compliance requirements related to research. Our policies, procedures and guidelines are designed to support the responsible and ethical conduct of university research and to ensure adherence to all laws and regulations guiding research. We recognize the increasing burden of compliance requirements on researchers and work to provide assistance to decrease this burden wherever possible, while also maintaining the highest possible public trust.

Research Compliance

The NC State Research Compliance Program is committed to advancing the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and honesty as well as compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and policies governing research. These requirements serve to maintain the public trust; that is, trust in research results and outcomes; trust that animal and human subjects are treated ethically; trust that public funds are spent for the benefit of all, and trust that scientific investigation is done responsibly.

Fiscal Compliance

In an effort to best safeguard university funding, it is imperative that the university remains compliant with all regulations, terms and conditions imposed by each individual sponsor. If the university is not compliant, it risks a potential audit or loss of funding. Anyone authorizing the expenditure of sponsored project funds must learn the fundamentals of fiscal compliance and understand the cost principles contained in OMB Uniform Guidance.