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PINS is an electronic system used to track proposal data and to verify approvals from all faculty and administrators involved in submitting a particular proposal. The use of the PINS system is a required part of the submission process for all proposals submitted by all university faculty.

RADAR is a database for monitoring, recording, and reporting on submitted proposals and award actions on sponsored activities maintained by Sponsored Programs & Regulatory Compliance Services (SPARCS).

The Research Enterprise Data (RED) system is an enterprise-level software system used for managing research administration at NC State, which will eventually replace RADAR, PINS and NC State’s regulatory-compliance software management systems.

If you would like to submit a new study for IRB approval, a revision request for an already approved study or a request for continuing review, please complete your request via the online eIRB system.

Cayuse is a web application that was designed to simplify the creation, review, approval and electronic submission of grant proposals through

TEARS is The Employee Activity Reporting System (Effort Reporting).

The Chartfield Request System is used to request a new segment or make modifications to a segment.

Project Closeout for final reporting and documentation for Sponsored Projects are electronically routed in the Closeout system to the various business units for processing, review, and approval.

To be in compliance with OMB Uniform Guidance (UG), faculty must certify that a search was completed within University inventory for available assets before purchasing new assets for a sponsored project. Faculty may use the Faculty Asset Search Tool to complete and certify these searches.

The PMR system streamlines prior approval requests from the department/PI to the College Research Office. Upon approval, the request will route to C and G or Sponsored Programs, depending on the type of request.

The Wolfpack Reporting System was designed to create a “one-stop shop” for many reporting applications available for campus use as well as various application links on the same menu. The system includes customer-friendly reports (converted WOLF and Faculty Accounting Reports) that retrieve information from Financial Reporting in a form that helps you see the big picture, explore details, and make decisions. Using these reports, you will be able to see daily account status and transaction information quickly and easily in an organized spreadsheet format. You can also connect to various application links from the same menu.

The PI Portal provides a listing of each PrincipaI Investigator’s projects (active and inactive), alerts, and project-specific information.

Redistributions are used to adjust monthly and biweekly payroll charges, including salary and benefits, made in previous periods.