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Restricted Party Screening

Conducting restricted or denied party screening is a component of NC State‚Äôs export compliance program. The screening determines whether an individual, company, or organization is prohibited by federal law to receive export-controlled items, information or technology. NC State screens international entities, shipping recipients, foreign research sponsors or collaborators, international visitors, and others through standard operating practices.

Request Screening by the Export Control Office

To request a restricted party screening for research-related activities that may not otherwise be screened, please email with:

  • A description of your situation or plans
  • Dates or approximate dates of the activity, if known
  • Full names of organizations and individuals with whom the interactions are planned
  • Foreign countries associated with the interactions
  • Descriptions of the items/information to be shipped or taken (i.e., exported) to foreign destinations

Screening Tool Access Request

For NC State personnel or units who frequently work with international partners or engage globally,  the Export Controls Office can give you direct access to and training on the use of Visual Compliance, the screening tool NC State uses to review international partners.  If you would like such access, please email the Export Controls Office.