Examples of budget items in a services agreement would be labor and/or lab supplies. Follow your Department’s and/or College’s procedures to determine whether the budget is appropriate.
There is no longer a Compliance Checklist; these questions are now in PINS.
Changes to the TSA/FSA process creates consistency in routing and review and clarifies which office has responsible oversight. A presentation from the Nov. 10, 2015, RSC Meeting provides additional information: TSAs and FSAs Presentation to RSC.
No. If the project director has used TSAs previously, follow the same procedures.
Routing will follow the same process as research proposal reviews: PI/project director –> Department Head –> CRO –> SPARCS.
Please submit a request to SPARCS to provide the project director with PI status.
Include this as an attachment in the PINS record and make a note in the comments that “partially executed is attached.”
It is important to ensure that the statement of work does not indicate research. Terms that might be an indication: develop, research, experiment, development, IP, interpret, interpretation of data, follow on testing, create, consult. In addition, an extensive statement of work needs to be scrutinized as TSA statements of work are typically simple.
Non-negotiated agreements must be placed in a Ledger 3 or 4 account.
The rate will be 33.6% and will be administered in a Ledger 5.