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a green tree with a blue sky

May 10, 2023

NC State partners on new Institute for Artificial Intelligence

Led by the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, this institute aims to advance foundational AI by incorporating knowledge from agriculture and forestry sciences and leveraging these unique, new AI methods to curb climate effects while lifting rural economies. By creating a new scientific discipline and innovation ecosystem intersecting AI and climate-smart agriculture and forestry, AI-CLIMATE researchers and practitioners will discover and invent compelling AI-powered knowledge and solutions. 

water wave

May 3, 2023

Studying Fundamentals of Water as a Solvent Could Lead to Greener Cellulose-Based Products

Water can change its solubility characteristics depending upon what it interacts with. 

May 1, 2023

Industry Partnership to Assess Climate Change Risks

Consulting and engineering firm Tetra Tech, Inc. has selected NC State University’s Center for Geospatial Analytics to support a five-year, $100 million EPA contract to assess human health and ecological risks associated with global climate change. 

May 1, 2023

LAS Celebrates 10 Years

The Laboratory for Analytic Sciences highlights 10 projects with national security impact as it marks a decade of research collaboration between government, industry and academia. It’s no secret that NC State… 

Toy dinos

Apr 28, 2023

How Are Dino Tissues Preserved in Deep Time?

Two hypotheses for ancient soft tissue preservation are often one and the same, according to a new study. 

image shows an electronic patch attached to the leaf of a tomato plant

Apr 12, 2023

Multifunctional Patch Offers Early Detection of Plant Diseases, Other Crop Threats

The patch can be applied to the leaves of plants to monitor crops for different pathogens – such as viral and fungal infections – and stresses such as drought or salinity. 

Apr 7, 2023

What Amphibians Can Tell Us About Water Quality

NC State researcher Ivana Mali explains how amphibians can help scientists determine the impact of pollution on aquatic environments. 

Apr 7, 2023

Beyond Silicon: The Potential of Nanostructures in Up-and-Coming Materials

Silicon is a valuable material and has many uses, such as in our devices. However, silicon is not ideal for all use cases. Therefore, scientists have been investigating new materials that can surpass silicon in both new and established technologies. 2022-23 NC Space Grant Graduate Research Fellow, Cullen Walsh, researches two up-and-coming classes of materials and how his findings could architect a whole new world of materials that surpass silicon in many applications. 

Equity Research Symposium

Mar 16, 2023

Focusing on Equitable Research

Equitable research and research best practices create a stronger, more inclusive higher education environment where innovation can thrive. These themes took center stage at NC State’s second annual Equity Research Symposium, which brought the university community together to explore how equity informs research and showcase current research on equity. 

Enzyme protein structures

Mar 13, 2023

The Right Cocktail of Gut Enzymes Can Stop C. diff in its Tracks

Understanding the interaction between enzymes from “good” bacteria like lactobacillus and the gut environment will enable us to design probiotics that inhibit C. diff.