National Security Initiatives

Working closely with our military and civilian partners to improve our nation's defense and security.

NC State has partnered to improve our nation’s defense and security consistently throughout its history. We bring a demonstrated track record of defense consortia leadership at a local and global level. We enable rapid innovation by bringing together the cutting edge of academia and industry and applying their strengths to defense and security issues. Our military-friendly faculty and students demonstrate their adaptability every day, bringing an eager research mindset to focus on big national security issues.

We are a top workforce provider, through both classroom and hands-on experiential education to mission-relevant problems. We also provide critical education and training to military personnel to further their careers, or as they transition to the private sector.

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NC State is a Top-Ten Military Friendly School.

With 3000+ military connected students, NC State is committed to serving this population.

NC State Solves Problems

Our faculty and students engage with real problems, and they find real solutions.