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Multiple laboratories at NC State work at the intersection between engineering and neuroscience. These include developing neural-machine interfaces, bionics, investigations underlying mechanisms in human neuromuscular control, and biomedical imaging.


Current research
There are four research areas, spanning across experimental and clinical neuroscience. We aim to inspire and cultivate researchers and educators at NC State. View the most current and exciting research today.

Neuroengineering lab - insects

iBionicS Lab
Cyborg Insect Networks for Exploration and Mapping

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Dr. Alper Bozkurt

Assistant Professor
Electrical & Computer Engr.
Office: Engineering Building II (EB2) 3070
Phone: 919-515-7349
Email: alper.bozkurt@ncsu.edu
Website: Faculty web page

Dr. He (Helen) Huang

He (Helen) Huang, Ph. D.

Associate Professor
Director of the Rehabilitation Engineering Center

Biomedical Engineering
Office: Engineering Building III (EB3) 4402D
Phone: 919-515-5218
Email: hhuang11@ncsu.edu
Website: Lab web page

Albert Keung

Albert Keung

Assistant Professor
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Office: Engineering Building I (EB1) 2088F
Email: ajkeung@ncsu.edu
Website: Faculty web page
Research Interest: Cerebral organoids, chromatin engineering

Dr David Scott Lalush

Associate Professor
Biomedical Engineering
Office: Engineering Building III (EB3) 4015
Phone: 919-513-7671
Email: david_lalush@ncsu.edu
Website: Faculty web page
Research Interests: PET and MRI neuroimaging in dementia, brain injury, and mental illness

Leslie Sombers

Leslie Sombers, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Analytical Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering
Office: Cox Hall 411B
Phone: 919-515-0320
Email: leslie_sombers@ncsu.edu
Website: Faculty web page
Research Interests: Drug abuse and addiction, vesicular fusion, exocytosis & novel microelectrode technologies and implementation strategies

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