Scientific discoveries and hypothesis testing require access to modern research instrumentation.   The newly formed Molecular Education, Technology, and Research Innovation Center (METRIC) is an NC State Shared Core Research Facility that provides access to state-of the-art equipment capable of addressing a diverse range of scientific questions.  Although many NC State faculty, staff and students are familiar with METRIC research platforms (mass spectrometry, magnetic resonance (NMR and EPR) and X-ray crystallography), others may be reluctant to apply these powerful technologies to their research due to costs-of-entry.  To address this gap in funding the Kenan Institute for Engineering, Technology and Science (KIETS) will provide matching funds for a new internal seed-funding program, termed the METRIC Pilot Project Program (MPPP).

MPPP supports research efforts of single investigators as well as multi-investigator teams. The overarching goals of the Program are to (i) stimulate interdisciplinary research, (ii) enable NC State researchers to access METRIC platform technologies and (iii) secure preliminary data to be used to attract extramural research funding from a variety of agencies (e.g., NIH, DOE, NSF, DOD, USDA).



Proposals for MPPP may be submitted by a single Principal Investigator (PI) or teams of investigators where the lead PI is an NC State faculty or staff member. Proposal teams may include investigators from external research organizations (e.g., other universities, government agencies, private research organizations), however all MPPP funds must be expended at NC State.  An individual may serve as PI for only one MPPP application per funding round (March or October), but may participate as a team member on other proposals. An individual PI may not receive more than two awards within a one-year period.


A total $25,000 has been committed by KIETS for FY20.  KIETS funds MUST be matched one-to-one with funds from other non-federal sources (“in-kind” matches are not allowed).  For example, $2,500 must be provided by another source for an MPPP proposal that requests $2,500 from KIETS to achieve a final budget of $5,000. Award amounts, depending on the nature of the project, will range between $2,000 and $10,000 including the required matching funds.

Funds must be spent or encumbered by June 30, 2020.



Contact the Office of Research Development at research-development@ncsu.edu.

KIETS has indicated its intention to fund this program for a three-year period, to be evaluated annually based on progress and successful leveraging of internal and extramural funds. The Kenan Fund supports KIETS on an annual basis and funding in future years will be subject to approval by the Kenan Fund based on their available budget.

Do proposals have to go through PINS?
This program only requires PINS submission for proposals selected for funding. Some colleges require all proposals to be submitted for PINS routing; check your college requirements before submitting your proposal.