The Molecular Education, Technology and Research Innovation Center (METRIC) provides NC State researchers and University partners with world-class state-of-the-art measurement science facilities across four buildings throughout campus, encompassing three key molecular characterization technologies including mass spectrometry, magnetic resonance (NMR and EPR), and X-Ray Crystallography (small molecule and macromolecular).

In addition to ample operations, conference, and storage space, instrumentation rooms are equipped with UPS and back-up power. Space renovations (~$2M+) to accommodate METRIC produced state-of-the-art laboratories with independent climate control, galleys to isolate noise and vibration, chilled water, and appropriate power. Laboratories are equipped with sample storage, analysis, and preparation instrumentation, including data analysis hardware and software, Leica CM 1950 cryostat, Omni Bead Ruptor and tissue homogenizers, centrifuges, vortexers, speed-vacs, and nanopure water purification systems.

METRIC is primarily located in Dabney Hall and Polk Hall, with satellite facilities in the Molecular Toxicology Building and Partners III on Centennial Campus.