The Alumni Association Outstanding Research Award and membership in the Research Leadership Academy is intended to recognize research excellence and outstanding research mentoring of NC State faculty.

The Office of Research and Innovation is now accepting nominations for the 2019 Alumni Association Outstanding Research Award. Nominations are due by Wednesday, February 20, 2019. The four (4) recipients of this award will become members in NC State’s Research Leadership Academy (RLA).

Description and Goals

The Research Leadership Academy (RLA) is the faculty-driven epicenter of research leadership and faculty mentoring enhancing NC State’s research culture. The RLA is composed of the University’s most outstanding researchers from diverse fields; members are selected on their records of and active engagement in research and mentoring of faculty. The RLA is charged with the development and advocacy of best research and administrative practices for the development of the diverse research faculty at NC State.

Membership in the RLA is lifetime as long as the member is associated with NC State and agrees to a commitment of active service to the Academy for a minimum of three years. Members are expected to take an active role in promoting the research enterprise across campus by leading activities such as seminars, research and leadership education programs, and mentoring programs for faculty. The goals of the RLA are:


All NC State faculty members including tenured, tenure track and non-tenure track and administrators are eligible to apply.  Although the entire vita is reviewed, the selection committee will focus on research completed during the past five years.

Selection Criteria

Nominees of the Outstanding Research Award should provide evidence of:

In addition, contributions to the enhancement of NC State’s research culture and environment such as the development of new research programs and initiatives is highly valued.

Mentoring efforts may include, but are not limited to, sound counseling, facilitating the involvement of mentees in research projects, creation of and/or sharing knowledge about research opportunities, publicizing mentees’ contributions, actively working toward the success and promotion of junior faculty, and serving as role models by maintaining excellence in research.

Nomination and Selection Committee

For 2019 awards, each college may submit two (2) names for consideration. In addition, the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation’s Office and the Provost’s Office may submit up to two (2) nominations from each office.  In addition to the two (2) nominations, each college may nominate previous recipients of the Alumni Association’s Outstanding Research Award for membership in the RLA only.

Nominations must be received in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation by Wednesday, February 20, 2019 (see below for nomination package criteria). Announcements will be made at the 2019 Faculty Awards Ceremony Thursday, April 4, 2019 at the Park Alumni Center.

The Vice Chancellor, as chair, will appoint a committee to select four (4) names to put forward to the Alumni Association as recipients of the Outstanding Research Award and membership into the RLA.  Beyond these four (4) awardees, the committee may also select applicants who are previous Outstanding Research Award recipients for admission to the RLA only.  Committee members will consist of:

Nomination Package

  1. A letter of nomination from the Dean with justification for the nomination. Letter must be on letterhead with original signature.  Maximum: 2 pages.
  2. A letter from the nominee to the selection committee summarizing their leadership and mentoring activities with pertinent evidence of the impact their research and scholarship has had on their discipline and to NC State. Nominee must address the stated Selection Criteria in their letter. Letter must be on departmental letterhead (first page only) with subsequent pages using ¾” margins in Arial 11 pt. or Times New Roman 12 pt. font; single spaced with appropriate paragraph and character spacing. Maximum: 5 pages.
  3. The nominee’s complete vita. No page limit.
  4. Three letters of reference – two from NC State associated sources and one from non-NC State associated sources. Letters must be on letterhead with contact information and original signature.  Maximum:  3 pages each.

The 2019 call for nominations is now closed. Look for the 2020 call for nominations to open December 2019/January 2020. Please address questions to Laura Kroeger at research-award@ncsu.edu.