Vice Chancellor Mladen Vouk

Mladen VoukDr. Mladen Vouk is NC State’s fifth Vice Chancellor for Research. As Chief Research Officer (CRO), he oversees all research activities at NC State. Under his leadership, units reporting to the Office of Research and Innovation centrally manage research administration, the university’s intellectual properties, and industry and government agency alliances on the university’s award-winning research campus. Researchers at NC State are supported by more than $335 million in sponsored programs from federal, local government, industry, and nonprofit organizations. NC State’s research portfolio exceeds 5,000 invention disclosures, 1010 US patents, 800 active commercialization agreements, and 595 products to market. Centennial Campus hosts more than 70 corporate, government and non-profit partners working with the university’s 75+ centers and institutes, laboratories and research departments.

Vouk is a highly respected computer scientist and an IEEE Fellow who has received the IEEE Distinguished Service Award, the IEEE Golden Core Award, and the IFIP Silver Core award. A faculty member at NC State for more than 30 years, Vouk served as department head for computer science from 2004 to 2016. He is co-inventor of NC State’s Virtual Computing Laboratory, one of the world’s first cloud computing systems, and co-founder of NC State’s Computer Science Software Systems and Engineering Laboratory. He formerly served as technical director of the Center for Advanced Computing and Communication and was the associate vice provost for information technology from 2002 to 2012. He has been the director of NC State Data Science initiative since 2014 and was the Associate Vice-Chancellor for Research and Administration from 2016 to 2018.

Vouk is the author or co-author of more than 300 publications. He has conducted groundbreaking research in software engineering, scientific computing and analytics, information technology and education, and high-performance computing. Vouk earned a Ph.D. in solid-state physics at King’s College London and a master’s degree in computer science at NC State.

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“NC State’s research creates practical intellectual advances with direct societal and economic impact. We’re working hard to create strong avenues for our faculty to work together to take advantage of their broad expertise.” -Vice Chancellor Mladen Vouk

Annual Report

The Annual Report is produced in the fall to highlight the research achievements across NC State.

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University Strategic Plan

NC State develops a new strategic plan every four years; the current plan applies to FY2012-2016.

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Research Statistics

Research and intellectual property statistics for multiple years can be found in Office of Research and Innovation’s Research Statistics.

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# 2 in Industry Sponsored Research

among public universities without medical schools.

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Research Committees

The Vice Chancellor connects with cross-disciplinary leaders to unite their goals with the university’s mission. Administration, faculty, and staff committees, along with the newly formed Research Leadership Academy facilitate research policies and activities. Each year the committees meet jointly in the fall for an update on the state of research at NC State and retreat in the spring to discuss NC State’s research strategy.

Research Operations


College Associate Deans for Research and other research stakeholders make up the Research Operations Council (ROC). Chaired by the Vice Chancellor, the ROC contemplates growth opportunities, identifies areas of excellence, promotes cross-disciplinary and trans-institutional collaborations, and unifies goals and objectives of local research with NC State’s research mission and priorities. The ROC meets monthly, except in July and August.

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University Research


The University Research Committee (URC) represents research faculty from the ten academic colleges and ex-officio staff members. Chaired by a faculty member, the URC is the faculty’s voice to research administration. The committee evaluates and advises on research-related issues and concerns and assists with identifying emerging areas of interest or concern. The URC meets monthly during the academic year.

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Research Support


The Research Support Council (RSC) is the research administration staff component of the Vice Chancellor’s research committees. Representatives from Office of Research and Innovation’s SPARCS, Finance’s Contracts and Grants, college research offices, departments, and centers and institutes communicate and clarify external and internal research policy. The RSC is led by an Executive Committee and meets bi-monthly with the Executive Committee meeting on the alternate months.

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Research Leadership


The Research Leadership Academy (RLA) was established in FY2016 by the Vice Chancellor, under the recommendation of the URC to complement two other long-standing groups that honor NC State faculty, the Academy of Outstanding Teachers and the Academy of Outstanding Faculty Engaged in Extension. The RLA operates as the faculty-driven epicenter for the development and implementation of best practices in the empowerment of research faculty at all levels at NC State.

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$405+ Million in New Research Awards

One of only two universities in the nation leading two National Science Foundation Engineering Research Centers and only university leading three federally funded collaborative institutes.

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