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National Laboratory Initiative

NC State actively collaborates with many national laboratories to support our educational mission and further research discovery.

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We have formal agreements in place with:

  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Idaho National Laboratory
  • Savannah River National Laboratory

We have active collaborations at many other labs, including:

  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Sandia National Laboratories
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. 

The National Laboratory Initiative helps facilitate engagements between NC State and the national laboratories, including joint faculty and staff, internships, postdoctoral fellowships, workshops, seminar series, and capstone projects.

The Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory (TUNL), is a U.S. Department of Energy Center of Excellence.

TUNL is a consortium of 4 universities: Duke University, NC State University, NC Central University, and the UNC-Chapel Hill. Their mission is to advance the frontiers of nuclear physics and to educate students and young scientists so that they can contribute to society across a wide range of technical fields, including nuclear physics.   

Visit the TUNL site 
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Joint Appointments

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

  • NC State Department of Physics: Paul Huffman, Wenchang Lu, Matthew Green
  • NC State Department of Computer Science and Engineering: Raju Vatsavai
  • NC State Department of Science Molecular and Structural Biochemistry: Flora Meilleur
  • NC State Department of Nuclear Engineering: Igor Bolotnov, Robert Hayes

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

  • PNNL Applied Statistics and Computational Modeling: Karl Pazdernik, Carlos Ortiz Marrero 
  • PNNL Computing and Analytics Division: Brian Kritzstein 

Idaho National Laboratory

  • NC State Department of Nuclear Engineering: Yousry Azmy, Benjamin Beeler
  • NC State Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering: Daniela Jones
  • INL Reactor and Nuclear Physics: Abderrafi Ougouag
  • INL Nuclear Science and Technology Division: Sebastian Schunert, INL

Savannah River National Laboratory

PNNL Announces Joint Appointment at North Carolina State University

Brian Kritzstein will work on developing and scaling the outreach and collaboration opportunities for the LAS in addition to expanding the national laboratory and university outreach efforts on behalf of NC State.

Read about Brian