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NC State Innovation Showcased at CES 2023

Welcome banner for trade show

The NC State Office of Research Commercialization (ORC) attended the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January to promote NC State innovations and startup companies in the tech space. An international trade show that highlights the most innovative and next-generation technologies each year, CES provides an opportunity for companies both large and small to showcase groundbreaking advances and connect with potential customers, partners, and investors from all over the globe.  

ORC worked with partner The Trade Show Manager, a local firm that provides exhibit services and space management at large shows, to host a Pavilion on the trade show floor at Eureka Park, an expo space at CES exclusively for early-stage, high tech startups from around the world. 

Under the banner of the North Carolina Startup Pavilion, eight NC State startup companies and two NC State Engineering Research Centers were featured. 

NC State startups EasyView, Bay Nano, & AVEX Motion in NC Startup Pavilion booth with FREEDM and ORC team members.

NC State Startups

  • Avex Motion aims to improve the quality of care in physical therapy using wearable robotics and Artificial intelligence. Their solution empowers patients through quantitative data driven metrics that inform recovery and personalize rehabilitative care to each individual, patient outcomes while also increasing clinical revenue and thereby help over 50 million Americans who face a musculoskeletal injury every year.
  • Bay Nano Technologies uses groundbreaking methods to produce smart glass at a fraction of competitors’ cost. Their affordable smart glass can reduce energy used for building lighting and HVAC by 20%, eliminating up to 800 mega tons of CO2 emissions. Bay Nano is currently raising a Series A to scale up its solution.
  • ClearSens is engineering the future of ultrasound technology through its glass-based ultrasonic transducer technology. Their unique ultrasound transducers are low-cost, low-profile, have high acoustic pressure, and are optically transparent. They were recently awarded a $2M Navy STTR Phase II award to develop a wearable ultrasound device for divers, which could play a critical role in detection of decompression stress.
  • DNAli Data Technologies makes DNA data storage systems practical by allowing in-storage functionality and state-of-the-art database capacity. Their data storage platform harnesses the density, durability, and longevity of DNA to reduce the construction, maintenance, resource, and energy costs of data storage facilities by orders of magnitude.
  • EasyView is developing an analyzer and visualizer for performance tools for software developers. Their platform reveals software internals for high performance and low energy consumption, providing easy, intelligent and portable solutions.
  • Robocoat AI makes automated robots that discover and scale new materials quicker leveraging machine learning and closed-loop autonomous experimentation. Their hardware and software deliver sustainable and scalable solutions from the start in a fraction of the time and cost while disrupting broken and strained supply chains that threaten to grind the renewable energy transition to a halt.
  • Teen Health Research is developing engaging, easy-to-use apps to shift mindsets about relationship and sex education while enhancing communication skills and providing a new platform for these conversations. Their platform “TheTalk” is making talks about bodies, sex, and relationships less cringey and more comfortable for parents and teens.
  • TSV Analytics uses artificial intelligence & machine learning natural language processing techniques to analyze social media conversations that your brand cares about. With a better understanding of social media audiences, brands are able to create more effective content that leads to an increase in clicks to website and return on ad spend.
NC State startup TSV Analytics speaking with interested CES attendees on the trade show floor.

NC State Engineering Research Centers:

ORC is planning to attend CES 2024 next January and is currently seeking early-stage startups to showcase at the pavilion, as well as organizations interested in partnering and sponsorship opportunities. 

Please contact Zach Williams ( or Amy Parker ( if you would like to learn more about how you can get involved.