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Startup Development and Support


ORC’s PackStart Program assists university faculty in creating and launching new ventures through biannual workshops, services, and resources. These include incorporation support, logo and website development, shared working space, grant writing assistance, and connections to strategic partners and funding.

Venture Development Process

The Venture Development Process is the process by which a startup company is built and grown around a university technology. Each step of the process has its own best practices and pitfalls, and there are a variety of resources and support available for each step in the process.

Creative Services

The ORC Creative Services team assists NC State research-based startups in creating a logo, producing branded materials, and launching a website. This service is available to all newly created startup companies that license university intellectual property.

Startup Guidelines

NC State encourages the launch of research-based startup companies to promote the commercialization of university technologies and drive economic growth. Startup guidelines and policies provide guidance on launching an NC State startup company as a faculty member while protecting the integrity of NC State’s research and educational mission.

Entrepreneurial Service Directory

Raleigh and the surrounding region is a growing hotbed for startup activity and there are a variety of local firms and companies that provide specialized support for startup growth. These include law firms, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), and insurance providers.

Coworking Spaces

NC State and Raleigh provide co-working and incubator spaces for early-stage companies that empower, foster, and cultivate economic and social impact. These spaces offer access to shared working space, paid office space, and include access to the extended innovation ecosystem, professional service providers, and mentors.