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Innovator’s Policies and Resources


NC State intellectual property policies and procedures are governed by the State of North Carolina, the University of North Carolina system, and NC State University. All policies, regulations and rules are available online.

Innovators may wish to review the following:


In keeping with our Land-Grant Mission, NC State has a long track record of commercializing research and developing solutions, products and companies that transform lives across North Carolina and around the world. 

NC State research has led to solutions like keeping apples fresh year-round, improved light quality and a reduction in energy use from LED lighting, providing security on mobile devices, aseptically prepared fruits and vegetables (which provide greater taste, flavor and nutrients and will ultimately replace canned goods), to diagnostic tests and medical devices that are saving lives.

The NC State culture of innovation and research commercialization is driven by a vision to make the world a better place. This Think and Do philosophy permeates every aspect of the Wolfpack nation as evidenced by SAS, the world’s largest privately owned software company headquartered in Cary. NC State is making significant investments in support of our agricultural and data science roots through the launch of the Plant Sciences Initiative

The Office of Research Commercialization serves a critical role providing NC State innovators with the tools and support that they need to ensure research compliance, navigate the intellectual property landscape, provide education and innovate ways to commercialize research that transforms lives.

Our team at the Office of Research Commercialization is available to respond to inquiries regarding University policy, licensing, new technology disclosures, and intellectual property issues. Gerry Sasser, our Senior Agreements Manager responds to questions about material transfer, inter-institutional agreements or confidentiality agreements. Nicholas LeBlanc, our Licensing Maintenance and Compliance Manager can answer questions regarding license revenue distribution, agreement diligence, patent expenses and payments under agreements. You can also find your licensing case manager by NC State department here.

Disclosure Forms

Submitting a disclosure form to the Office of Research Commercialization is the very first step in moving research from the laboratory to the marketplace. NC State rolled out a new software platform in June 2020 for the disclosure and management of innovation disclosures (invention, software, plant, copyright). This system is the leading technology management software in the US and is aimed at making the process easier for innovators, and more transparent for university leadership.

Electronically submit an invention, software, copyright or plant disclosure here.

The disclosure portal is authenticated through the Shibboleth Login Service, allowing users to electronically create, sign, and submit disclosures for new inventions, software, plant varieties, and copyrighted works.

This portal is powered by Wellspring and has been optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer® and Google Chrome®.

Template Agreements

The following template agreements are provided for informational purposes only. The Office of Research Commercialization manages and negotiates all intellectual property (IP) related contracts for the university community. Innovators may contact our office to initiate an IP-related agreement at 919-515-7199. For MTA or CDA requests please email or for assistance.

Confidentiality and Material Transfer Agreements

The Office of Research Commercialization manages Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDA) and Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) on behalf of the University – agreements that protect the innovators and their research. If a university researcher wishes to discuss his or her work with someone outside of NC State or transfer materials, the Office of Research Commercialization can prepare and execute a CDA or MTA. For MTA or CDA requests please email or for assistance.

MTA Routing Forms – In conjunction with any MTA request, the NC State Researcher should complete and submit the below appropriate form for their case.

Patent Agreement

If you feel that you cannot sign the NC State Patent Policy please contact our office at or and we will work with you to determine the appropriate agreement. In your email please provide answers to the appropriate questions below.

Questions for Students

  • Why do you feel that you can’t sign the Standard University Patent form?
  • What program are you currently enrolled in and is it a non-thesis master program?
  • If in a thesis program, who is your adviser?
  • Are you employed by NC State in any capacity (even part-time)?

Questions for Employees

  • Why do you feel that you can’t sign the Standard University Patent Form?
  • What department are you employed by?
  • Who is your supervisor?
  • Are you also employed by an outside company in any capacity (even part-time)?

Patent Agreement Forms

Consulting Policies

NC faculty members are encouraged to consult with business, industry and government entities. Such partnerships create win-win situations for all involved and improve teaching and understanding. All consulting agreements are reviewed and approved at the department level. Any NC State employee should consult the following resources prior to executing a Consulting Agreement: