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Our Team

Our expert team is here to facilitate the movement of innovations and discoveries from the lab to the marketplace for the benefit of the public and to amplify NC State’s national and global impact.

We cultivate an inclusive environment of scientific and entrepreneurial excellence and bridge connections from NCSU’s research community to industry and startups by strategically evaluating, protecting, and licensing technology.


Our experienced leadership team guide various expert teams in advancing the mission to facilitate the commercialization of innovative research discoveries to drive economic growth in not only North Carolina but around the world. They propel the mission forward by creating and overseeing programs aimed at discovering, validating and strengthening NC State technologies and teams.

Wade Fulghum

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Commercialization

Nicholas LeBlanc

Assistant Director of Operations and Strategy

Brian Eller

Assistant Director of Licensing, Physical Sciences

Amy Parker

Assistant Director, Research Commercialization Programs

Miranda Drake

Executive Assistant to the Assistant Vice Chancellor


Our world-class team of licensing associates guides innovators through all steps of the invention licensing process. Our licensing team conducts market assessments, works with outside counsel to protect NC State inventions and intellectual property, engages industry to identify marketing opportunities and negotiate licenses, and cultivates relationships with licensees, industry, and innovators.

Tim Martin

Senior Licensing Associate

Devesh Srivastava

Senior Licensing Associate

Rob Whitehead

Senior Licensing & Germplasm Agreements Associate

Alex Brown

Physical Science Licensing Analyst

New Ventures

The New Ventures team strives to ensure that startups have everything needed to start, build, and grow a strong business. The team works with inventors to legally incorporate, explore funding sources, build a professional network, provide training and mentoring programs, and establish a brand. The New Ventures team takes an individually-tailored approach to ensure that inventors have ready access to the resources they need.

Amy Parker

Assistant Director, Research Commercialization Programs

Tim Martin

Senior Licensing Associate

Cameron Feuerhelm

Creative Services Assistant

Finance and Operations

Good financial stewardship is of utmost importance to our Finance and Operations team as they work to ensure timely payment, billing, and royalty collection and distribution. Additionally, the team works with attorneys to manage the patent application process and correspondence, oversees reporting and tracking of products that arise from NC State intellectual property, and handles all ORC data, providing reports to internal and external stakeholders. The team also works with federal sponsors to maintain compliance with the 1980 Bayh-Dole Act.

Interns and Fellows

Our interns and fellows get hands-on experience working with technologies and NC State startups. We offer internships in licensing, finance and operations, marketing and communications, and new ventures. We ensure each intern and fellow has an individually-tailored experience that is engaging and meaningful. We are proud to have these talented interns and fellows working with us.