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DNA Extractions

The GSL Plant Genotyping Facility offers high-throughput DNA extraction on the LGC oKtopure (plant tissue only) and Thermo Kingfisher (all other tissue types) robotics platforms.

The GSL is a Biosafety Level 1 genomics core managed under the regulations of NC State University teaching labs. We CANNOT accept human blood OR pathogenic tissue samples, due to potential risk to our staff and students. The GSL will not be held responsible for samples shipped to us in violation of this policy. For other providers, please contact us directly.

Submission Requirements

The GSL uses the sbeadex mini plant kit from LGC for high throughput DNA isolations on the oKtopure system

For plants please submit 5-10 mg lyophilised tissue or 10-30 mg fresh tissue. If submitting fresh tissue, tissue must be snap frozen in liquid nitrogen and stored at -80 until submission.

Tissue samples should be submitted in strip tubes in a 96-well rack (available for purchase at the GSL). Use of the following consumable types (see table) is required for plate submission.

If library preparation and sequencing is to be completed using these samples, a separate NGS submission form should be entered into our Lab Management System.

Optional: add on services are available for diluting and dispensing DNA into 384 well plates for KASP/PACE assays.