Innovation Service Units at NC State

OrganizationSpecific Components OfferedSummaryContactVisit
Industry Expansion Solutions (IES)best practices, business management, productivity, efficiency, 'lean enterprise' ISO management systems, SixSigma, IES specialists in your area listed on website, innovation engineeringNC State outreach component that supports innovative business in the workplacePhil Mintz, Executive Director, iesservices@ncsu.eduVisit
Friday Institute for Educational Innovationprofessional development, evaluation of educational innovation, educational policy, 21st century teaching and learningconduct research, develop educational resources, provide professional development programs for educators, advocate to improve teaching and learning, and help inform policy-makingGlenn Kleiman, Executive Director, 919-513-8503, glenn_kleiman@ncsu.eduVisit
College of Management ERM Initiativeprovides resources, roundtables, curriculum and consulting for the academic and business communities on enterprise riskJess Brooks, Program Coordinator, 919-513-0901, erm_initiative@ncsu.eduVisit
College of ManagementExecutive Programsoffers custom programs covering Entrepreneurial Strategies for Growth-Oriented Technology Companies, Managing Innovation for Corporate Growth, and Product Management Tactics and Strategy.Paul Mugge, Executive Programs, 919-513-7478, paul_mugge@ncsu.eduVisit
Office of Technology Transfercommercialization, startups, licensing, patenting, material transfer agreements, confidentiality agreementsprovides services to protect and promote the discoveries of NCSU researchersWade Fulghum, Executive Director, 919-515-7199, kbsexton@ncsu.eduVisit
Technology Entrepreneurship & Commercialization (TEC)innovation and entrepreneurial 'hands-on' experience for graduate students & facultyincludes a Commercialization Clinic where students work with University inventors to create a startup companyLisa Chang, Director, 919-515-5717, roger_debo@ncsu.eduVisit
Centennial Campus Partnershipsinnovation opportunities with corporate partners on Centennial Campus; outreach eventshandles all partnering, faculty research, marketing, and communications projectsDennis Kekas, Associate Vice Chancellor, 919-515-7036, dennis_kekas@ncsu.eduVisit
Office of Research Developmentfunding assistance, strategic research initiatives, collaboration tools, proposal development resources, limited submission managementprovides the environment necessary for innovation including (but not limited to) strategic research initiatives, facilities & equipment, funding opportunities, and administration of the proposal development unitRandy Avent, Associate Vice Chancellor, 919-513-2457, rkavent@ncsu.eduVisit
Sponsored Programs & Regulatory Compliance Services (SPARCS)contract negotiation, awards management, regulatory complianceprovides services to facilitate the submission of proposals, negotiation of agreements, and the administration of internally and externally funded projects; provides compliance guidance regarding external funds, regulated research subjects including human and animal subjects, conflicts of interest, export controls, facility security matters and research integrityJeffrey Cheek, Associate Vice Chancellor & Director, 919-513-2148, jeff_cheek@ncsu.eduVisit
Entrepreneurship Initiativephase I Student Garage (open 24/7), Entrepreneurs Lecture Series, Silicon Valley Trip, EI Ambassadors, Events, tours of local start-ups entrepreneurship immersion activities for faculty, staff, students, industry and outreach partnersTom Miller, Vice Provost for Dist. Ed. & Learning Tech., 919-513-5006, entrepreneurship@ncsu.eduVisit
Center for Innovation Management Studies (CIMS)industry-driven, research based innovation management research and solutions. Events, tools, programs, assessments, case-studies. 'Innovation Management School' for executives. Excellent listing of NC State faculty and their innovation management areas of expertise.Innovation can be learned and managed! Michelle Grainger, Director 919-513-0166
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