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Plant and Microbial Biology

Network Contact

Dr Jeff W Gillikin

Plant and Microbial Biology
Research Analyst
Phone: 919-515-2228
Fax: 919-515-3436

Additional Plug-ins

Genome Finishing Module,
Microbial Genomics Module

Participating PI Labs

Dr. Linda Hanley-Bowdoin

Dr. Heike Sederoff

Dr. Amy Grunden

Dr. Bruno-Barcena

Dr. Deyu Xie

Dr. Eric Miller

Dr. Imara Perera

Dr. Ross Sozzani

Dr. Christine Hawkes

Dr. Robert Franks

Dr. Terri Long

Dr. Jenny Xiang

Dr. Michael Hyman

PMB Dept (contact Dr. Robert Franks to inquire)