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2022 Research Administration Development Plan | Research Education

2022 Research Administration Development Plan

For 2022, training offerings will be categorized into four different groups. However, all training may not be exclusive to these categories.

RA Training Series

Delivered by internal or external experts, this series
covers trending topics in the field, including soft
skills (leadership, management, etc.).

External Webinars

Strategically selected webinars will be purchased each semester, depending on availability. These will be shown live or on-demand. We plan to supplement these with NC State-specific training or panel discussions based on topic and need.

CRO Facilitated Discussions

These topic-based discussions will be on internal processes or used to present useful resources. They are specifically held for college research officers.

Four to be held in 2022:

  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Academic Scholars
  • Cost Share
  • Open Forum

NOTE: These discussions are not recorded and are open only to college research officers.

New Courses

Content will be delivered via online modules, Moodle,
short videos, live virtual training, and hybrid models.

Four to be developed in 2022:

Development Plans by Year