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Consultation Request

METRIC instrumentation can be accessed in two ways.  METRIC staff can train students and staff to operate the instruments independently or METRIC staff can carry out the experiments and provide a detailed report of the results. The first step is to submit a consultation request in our Lab Management Portal.  Each project will be assigned to the appropriate METRIC staff member based on the area of expertise required and a consultation will be scheduled as soon as possible.  Please follow the instructions below to submit a consultation request. 

Requesting a METRIC Consultation

Step One: Visit the Lab Management website and log in with your unity ID or follow the directions to create a Guest Login.

Step Two: In the My Account view, Select Schedule Time/Request a Service.

Step Three: Select METRIC as your facility.

Step Four: Select the platform for which you want a consultation. In the example, the user wants Mass Spectrometry.

Step Five:  Select Mass Spectrometry Consultation, X-Ray Consultation, Macromolecular X-Ray Consultation, or NMR Consultation, depending on the platform you selected in Step Four. Then click “Start Form”.

Step Six: Provide requested information and submit

The Director or Associate Director of METRIC will assign your project to a staff scientist who will reach out within 10 business days.