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  • X-Nucleus detection in solution format (see below)
  • Full structure elucidation: HSQC, HMBC, COSY, NOESY, TOCSY
  • Sensitivity booster: Cryoprobe (4X) and Prodigy probe (2X)
  • Variable Temperature Control: 100oC to -80oC
  • 10mm probe for polymer and soil samples
  • 4 channel consoles enable the 3D detection
  • Real time reaction monitoring via flow probe
  • 60 auto samplers for large sample submission
  • DOSY: non-invasive analysis of mixtures, catalyst, and nano-material
  • NMR Quantitation
  • MetabolomicsĀ 
  • Protein Characterization (Structure, Folding, Dynamics, Binding)
Periodic table showing available nuclei for MR analysis