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Targeted Small Molecule Assays

For some applications a targeted assay may be needed to provide quantitative information on compounds of interest. Development of these assays may be possible in some cases. Submit a consultation request to learn more.

An example depiction of the data analysis workflow for PFAS quantitation. MS1 and MS2 data (without dynamic exclusion) can be collected allowing for calibration in either the MS1 or MS2 dimension. Collection of MS2 data on high res equipment allows for dot product (dotp) qualitative verification.

From Enders, JR, Weed, RA, Griffith, EH, Muddiman, DC. Development and Validation of a High-Resolving Power Absolute Quantitative PFAS method Incorporating Skyline Data Processing. Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom. 2022. Accepted Author Manuscript. e9295
  • Biological Fluids and Tissues:
    • Tissue: brain, liver, skin, testes, ovaries, embryos, placentas
    • Biofluids and biosolids: plasma, serum, CSF, urine, feces, cecal/ileal content
  • Source Organisms:
    • Cell Culture (bacterial, fungal, human and murine cell-lines) – media or cell pellet
    • Plants (Arabidopsis, tomatoes) – roots, stem, leaves, etc
    • Model Organisms (zebrafish, mouse, rat)
    • Other: horse, canine, feline, insect
  • Environmental Matrices: Water, Ice-Cores, POCIS extracts, Soil, Landfill Leachate

Don’t see your matrix of interest? Submit a MS Consultation so we can discuss your project!

  • PFAS
  • Bile Acids
  • UDP-Sugars
  • Steroid Glucuronides
  • Eicosanoids