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Molecular Analysis

NMR and EPR are excellent analytical tools for the identification and characterization of small molecules and polymers. Whether you need standard spectra for publication of a newly synthesized small molecule or you need a suite of experiments to determine your compound’s orientation or stereochemistry, METRIC has the instrumentation and expertise to help you acquire the information you need. Through non-invasive and non-destructive measurements, MR obtains comprehensive information of the substances which are useful to a wide range of applications in analytical chemistry, life sciences, material science, petroleum exploration, environmental researches, medicinal chemistry and drug discovery.

  • Small molecule verification, conformation, and structure elucidation
  • Ligand screening
  • Polymer analysis
  • Kinetics studies
  • Complex mixtures
  • Drug discovery
  • Natural products study
  • Multi-solvent suppression
  • Pure shift
  • Advanced 2D and 3D high resolution experiments
  • Variable temperature
  • NMR quantitation (1H and 13C)
  • So-fast NMR experiments
  • Full automation up to 60 samples per batch
  • Selective excitation experiments
  • DOSY
Molecular confirmation via VT (25 °C to -45 °C), courtesy of the Deyu Xie Lab.
DOSY at -45 ° C, courtesy of the Deyu Xie Lab.