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Mass Spectrometry

METRIC Launches Comprehensive PFAS Panel

METRIC now has the capabilities to detect and quantify 44 PFAS compounds, including several compounds produced by Chemours©, from multiple different matrices.

PFAS chemical structures

Our sample preparation process includes direct injection of drinking water samples for high throughput analysis or sample cleanup of complicated matrices via solid-phase extraction prior to LC-MS analysis. For analysis, we utilize a novel method (see brochure for citation) that includes chromatographic separation on a Phenomenex F5 analytical column to achieve excellent peak shape and resolution, including some of the more problematic polar compounds. In addition to using a validated method, we also utilize an open-source software platform, Skyline, for data analysis to directly share raw data with clients and empower them to have a more active role in the data analysis process. Interested in submitting samples to METRIC for analysis? Please use this link to access our project management portal to submit a consultation request and get your project started.