METRIC MS Platform Policies


  1. Scheduling/Billing





  1. Agreements
    • Users may set up Agreements in MENDIX
      • Agreements are linked to a single Project ID
      • Faculty (or Industry) can select a dollar amount and name specific participants (e.g. students, post-docs, employees) under the umbrella of this agreements
      • This assists METRIC with billing many experiments under the same project ID
      • This assists the PI/Business Officers in keeping track of money spent to date under a specific project


  1. Training
    • MALDI
      • New MALDI installed January 2019
      • Training Requests will be managed via MENDIX
    • GC/MS
      • Training Requests will be managed via MENDIX
    • Future Training for “Superuser” Status (allows self use)
      • Requests from NCSU PI’s to Director and Lab Manager will be discussed


  1. Sample Submission and Storage
    • All samples submitted to METRIC must be labeled clearly and include a detailed description of what each sample ID is as well as any protocols for processing that the samples were subjected to
    • Samples will be stored by METRIC for no longer than 6 months after project completion


  1. Quality Control and System Suitability
    • Implementation of internal standards for all METRIC MS data sets monitored by Skyline/AutoQC is essential to ensure optimal instrument performance
      • Proteomics: BSA and HeLa
      • Metabolomics: CIL Metabolomics QC and NIST Plasma
      • Lipidomics: Avanti Splash Mix


  1. Reporting
    • For assisted use projects, clients will receive a report outlining experimental design, methods, and results within 4 weeks of data collection.


  1. Data Management
    • METRIC will provide raw data files to clients for transfer to their own storage devices
    • METRIC will store raw and processed data for a maximum of 1 year post-analysis, after which METRIC assumes no responsibility for data storage


  1. Citations
    • All users agree to cite METRIC in any publications or grant proposals for which data collected in METRIC is used for