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Working with Office of Research Commercialization

During this phase the startup company will primarily be working with the Licensing Associate from Office of Research Commercialization that is assigned as the case manager for the technology that is to be licensed. To find out who your case manager is you can use the Who Should I Contact? tool and look under “I have questions about Invention Disclosures”. The case manager that is responsible for invention disclosures for the given technology type, will also be the licensing contact.You will have to have an approved Notice of Intent disclosure (typically approved by your Department Head and Associate Dean for Research) before the license or option agreement can be executed by Office of Research Commercialization.

NOI Resources

How does the flow of money work from the startup to the university to the inventors?

Venture Innovation Partner (VIP) Services

NC State startups have the ability to work with Office of Research Commercialization or more of our Venture Innovation Partners.

NC State University Resources

The Office of Research Commercialization staff is your primary resource for this phase.

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USPTO Intellectual Property Awareness Assessment Tool

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Frequently Asked Questions

Important Considerations

The key consideration is the relationship between the licensee and the Office of Research Commercialization (licensor).  Securing technology rights is simply the first step as you begin down the path of building a startup company, potentially licensing additional technologies, sponsoring research back to the University, needing to amend a license term or date for any number of reasons, filing reports, making financial payments in accordance with the licensing terms, or any number of other requests that the startup might engage with Office of Research Commercialization about. The relationship between the startup and Office of Research Commercialization should be viewed as a long-term one. It is important to keep this in mind and act accordingly.