Delegated Signatory Authority

NC State University’s research administration enterprise is designed to maximize administrative efficiency. Part of the efforts we have undertaken is to delegate signature authority to the most distributed level reasonable. This allows us to ensure that the review, approval and signature process on proposals and agreements is in fact far less bureaucratic and much more value-added. Under this environment, continuing education is absolutely critical — and is mandatory for all signatory delegates.

List of Signatories

All Documents

  • Erin Hammer, Senior Contract Negotiator
  • Martina Krzywicki, Assistant Director, Industry Negotiations
  • Wendy Moore, Assistant Director, Contract and Subaward Negotiations
  • Stefanie Saunders, Associate Director, Operations
  • Sherrie Settle, Director of Sponsored Programs
  • Ginny Moser, Regional Director of Research Administration
  • Larisa Slark, Senior Coordinator for Centers and Institutes


  • College of Agriculture and Life Sciences: Holly Lipkovich, Shirley Rich Patterson
  • College of Design: Ginny King
  • College of Education: Tish Attayek
  • College of Engineering: Patrick Hayes, Laurinda Perez, Gerardo Granillo, Andrew White
  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences: Missy Thomas
  • College of Natural Resources: Nancy Rundhammer, Cherie Anderson
  • College of Sciences: Meghan Kerr, Joanna Jones, Nianyi (Ann) Zhang
  • Wilson College of Textiles: Jennifer Clark
  • College of Veterinary Medicine: Georgia Webb
  • Integrated Support Service Center: Ginny Moser
  • North Carolina Sea Grant: Mary Beth Barrow
  • North Carolina Space Grant: Mary Beth Barrow
  • Poole College of Management: Brian Thomas
  • Sponsored Programs: Monique Burnette
  • Water Resource Research Institute: Mary Beth Barrow