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Report Adverse Events, Animal Concerns or Animal Use Protocol Noncompliance

To help ensure that animals used in research and teaching activities receive humane care, use, and treatment in accordance with the highest ethical standards, laws, regulations, and policies, the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) must be made of aware of any:

  • Noncompliance (defined as serious or continuing noncompliance with the PHS Policy, serious deviations from the provisions of the Guide, or any deviation from an approved IACUC protocol)
  • Any study or husbandry-related adverse events that impacted animals under an IACUC protocol, to include conditions that jeopardize the health or well-being of animals, including natural disasters, accidents, and mechanical failures, resulting in actual harm or death to animals

In compliance with federal requirements, any individual with concerns involving the care and use of animals at this institution may have those concerns reviewed by the IACUC. The concerned party may remain anonymous and will be protected from discrimination and reprisal.

How to Submit a Report

You can submit a report through this website by opening a report below.  Fill out all sections and it will be submitted to the IACUC office.  

To make your report completely anonymously, please go to or call 1.844.599.8786. Please note that if you use this method to make your report, the IACUC office will not be able to contact you for an update on the outcome of our investigation because we will not have your contact information.

You can also contact the IACUC office or Attending Veterinarian directly below:

  • Contact the Office of Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee at 919.515.7507 or via email or Campus Box 7514
  • Contact University Attending Veterinarian or the Veterinarian on call, 919.513.6656 or via email or Campus Box 8401.

If you report to the IACUC office or the university attending veterinarian, to the extent that it is possible, the university will preserve your anonymity. It is helpful for the IACUC to have as much information as possible in order to conduct a thorough investigation

Whistleblower Protection

The USDA Animal Welfare Regulations and North Carolina law provide specific protection for employees, IACUC members or laboratory personnel against discrimination or other reprisals for reporting violations of the Animal Welfare Act. (i.e., whistleblower protection).