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COI: Procedures and Guidance

Filing a COI disclosure is a crucial step in complying with federal, state, and university COI regulations and ensuring that individuals and the university avoid penalties for COI non-compliance. The university relies on you to file your annual COI disclosure and keep it up to date so that it continues to meet its institutional obligations to the UNC System and the agencies that fund university research.

Who is required to complete an annual COI disclosure?

  • All faculty (including adjunct faculty; and emeritus faculty who are participating in a sponsored project)
  • Postdoctoral scholars
  • EHRA professionals paid from any source
  • Graduate assistants (GAs) paid from ledger 5 (sponsored research) funds
  • SHRA employees paid from ledger 5 (sponsored research) funds
  • Research personnel engaged in the design, conduct, or reporting of sponsored research (including part-time and temporary employees)

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When do I need to complete my COI disclosure?

New employees who fall into one of the categories listed above are required to file a COI disclosure with NC State once every 365 days in order to adhere to university regulations.

If your circumstances change after you’ve filed your annual COI disclosure, you must file a revised disclosure within 30 days of the change to notify the university accordingly.

New employees who fall into one of the categories listed above must file a COI disclosure within 30 days of their start date.

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What happens when I have a conflict that requires management?

Consistent with the entrepreneurial spirit of innovation at NC State University, the institution encourages the transfer and advancement of knowledge through relationships with outside businesses, scholarly publications, and the creation and licensing of intellectual property. Nonetheless, the university must also adhere to federal, state, and sponsor regulations regarding conflicts of interest while safeguarding public trust in the integrity and trustworthiness of our institution’s research.

This requires the establishment of a carefully controlled and monitored process of ensuring that we meet standards of objectivity that are critical to the preservation and expansion of knowledge. The management plan is a key component of this process. It is a document that outlines and implements measures to actively reduce, mitigate, or eliminate an actual, potential, or perceived conflict of interest held by an employee.

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What are the COI requirements for those completing human subjects research?

If you are completing research with human subjects, you must provide your COI disclosure information to the NC State Institutional Review Board (IRB) when you are filling out your IRB application.

Please visit the NC State Human Subjects page for more information about performing research with human subjects, and check out the IRB’s standard operating procedure for addressing issues of COI in the IRB application.

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