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COI: Training

PHS agencies and agencies following PHS COI rules require investigators complete COI training before engaging in research funded by these agencies.  While the training is required for certain NC State personnel, anyone with an NC State Unity ID may also enroll in the CITI Program’s COI training on a voluntary basis.

COl Course Through CITI Program 

How to Enroll

  • Once you are logged in to the CITI Program, click the View Courses button next to the university name. 
  • Scroll down to the Learner Tools for North Carolina State University box, and click Add a Course.
  • You will see a list of questions.  Select Conflicts of Interest Course under Question 5. (note – you can select multiple courses at the same time) and click Submit.
  • Confirm that the course has been added to your Courses Ready to Begin list. 

Note: In order to complete the course successfully and receive credit for the course, you must receive at least an 80% score for all modules.