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IRB: Training

The NC State University IRB requires all researchers to complete human subjects training before receiving IRB approval. Beyond the required training, the IRB also offers a number of synchronous and asynchronous training opportunities related to human subjects research topics, including workshops.

Required Training for Working with Human Subjects in Research 

NC State University requires anyone on the research team involved in the recruitment process, consent process, implementation of interventions and other data collection processes, or analysis of identifiable or re-identifiable private data — or those supervising a student who will be doing these activities — to provide proof of completion of human subjects training with their IRB application. 

Please refer to the NC State University training requirements for completing research with human subjects guidance for the full requirements. The requirements apply to studies reviewed and approved at all levels, including exemptions

Asynchronous Online Learning

The primary mode used for IRB training is CITI asynchronous training. CITI is a comprehensive ethics training program for researchers conducting research with human subjects. CITI is a platform that hosts online human subjects research training. 

The NC State University IRB requires all NC State University researchers to complete CITI training before receiving IRB approval to work with people. This training helps to ensure that the research design is participant-centered and that the researchers, who are the key players in protecting participants’ rights and welfare throughout the research process, know what to expect and do. 

Instructions for how to use CITI at no cost can be found on the Research Compliance Training webpage

The NC State University Institutional Review Board (IRB) Overview video is brief (less than 15 minutes) and highlights the perspective of the NC State IRB office when reviewing research and the NC State University IRB operations. The video is available through REPORTER and is titled “Institutional Review Board Overview.”

When NC State University researchers want to collaborate with people who are outside of NC State University and not affiliated with an IRB, along with executing an official agreement with the IRB, training requirements still apply. If CITI access is unavailable to a researcher, the training requirements are different. Please review the training requirements for unaffiliated investigators, the PowerPoint template for lead researchers to edit appropriately, and the training completion and affirmation. This training alternative is not acceptable for studies that are funded, clinical trials studying a health related outcome, or are subject to additional oversight from any federal agency (e.g., DoD, DoE, ED, FDA, NASA, NIH, NSF, USDA, etc.).

Synchronous Training Opportunities

The NC State University IRB office has partnered with the NC State University Libraries to offer multiple sessions for researchers working with human subjects. These sessions are live and specialized targeting areas that researchers ask most about. These sessions are offered in the fall and spring semesters and include sessions such as IRB Basics: Part 1; IRB Basics: Part 2; IRB Basics: Part 3 – eIRB application (exempt and non-exempt); Use of Secondary Data in Research; Devices Research and the FDA; Using Apps, Software, and Wearables in Human Subjects Research; The IRB and Qualitative Research; Survey Research and the IRB; and more. A comprehensive list of offerings can be found by reviewing the list of available IRB workshops. Researchers sign up for these sessions through REPORTER.

We provide training for your team’s specific needs should you request targeted training from our office, including guest lectures for classes where research ethics and compliance is being addressed. Use the Group Education Event Form to submit a request.

If you have specific questions about writing or revising your application, we offer drop-in virtual office hours facilitated by IRB staff. Find more information in the news section of the IRB website.

If you’d like to meet with us individually, please email the appropriate IRB office representative: