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Animal Care and Use (IACUC)

The mission of NC State’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is to foster compliance through facilitating the efforts employed by the institution’s scientists and instructors in the utilization of the animal model in research, education and other scholarly pursuits.

Appointed by the Chancellor, the IACUC has general concern for the welfare of animals used in research, teaching and testing. To this end, the IACUC provides policy and planning guidelines for the university and ensures that applicable rules and regulations are communicated and fulfilled.

IACUC Lifecycle

Step 1: Determining if Approval is Required

  • Guidance for What Animal Activities Need IACUC Review and Approval

Step 2: Preparing and Submitting an Application for Vertebrate Animal Use (AVAU)

  • What to Include in Your IACUC Application
  • How to Submit an Application Through the RED System
  • What other Reviews May Be Needed to Conduct Animal Work at NC State

Step 3: Application Review Process

  • Types of IACUC Review Explained
  • How to Address Comments on Your Protocol
  • Review and Approval Turnaround Time

Step 4: Responsibilities after Initial Approval

  • Requesting an Amendment or Three Year Rewrite
  • Additional Documentation Requirements While Conducting Studies
  • IACUC Inspections of Your Lab
  • Reporting a Complaint, Concern, Problem, Adverse Event or Noncompliance

Step 5: Closing a Study/IACUC Protocol

  • When and How to Close an IACUC Protocol