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Research Integrity: Policies, Rules and Regulations


POL 10.00.02 – Research Policy

This policy states clearly that research activities should be conducted with integrity to ensure NC State maintains the public’s trust.

POL 10.00.01 – Patent and Tangible Research Policy

The ability to review research data and results is critical to any investigation of research misconduct.  This policy establishes NC State’s ownership of research data and related information that arise from research conducted with university-administered funds or with substantial use of university resources owned by NC State. 


RUL 10.15.01 – Training in Responsible Conduct of Research

While all NC State personnel who engage in research are encouraged to participate in ethics symposia, seminars and lectures and to discuss research integrity in their labs, certain personnel working on federal funded projects are required by federal regulations to take formal Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) courses.  This rule addresses those requirements.


REG 10.00.02 – Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct 

This regulation lays out the roles, responsibilities and process for handling allegations of Research Misconduct.  It has been written to be consistent with a number of federal regulations that govern how allegations of potential misconduct within federally funded research are handled, especially: