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Hosting International Visitors

Hosting visitors at NC State is a common and beneficial practice. When the visitors are international, however, we must consider the export control regulations to avoid possible violations.

To limit the possibility of an export control violation occurring as a result of an international visit to campus, we review each visit for the following:

  • Is the visitor or the visitor’s institution a prohibited party on a U.S. Government Restricted Party List? Such lists are maintained by various federal agencies and identify persons and entities who have been convicted of export control violations. 
  • Does the hosting faculty member/laboratory have controlled research projects? If so, does the applicable technology control plans need to be revised to address the visitor’s presence within the lab?

If a visitor or their institution is on a restricted party list or the visit presents too high of a risk of an export control violation, the visit may require additional controls or may not be approved.

Things to consider during the visit:

  • Visas are typically issued by the US State Department for specific activities. Be sure to review with the visitor what activities are contemplated. This is especially important for visitors from Countries/regions subject to U.S. Comprehensive Sanctions.
  • International visitors do present a risk of a deemed export. Consider contacting the Export Control Office early if you expect the visitor to be near or work with any of the following:
    • Data that are not intended for the public domain (i.e. publication, seminars, etc.)
    • Data with military or space applications
    • Controlled research
    • Projects where participation is limited by citizenship through a contract or other means
    • Technical data that are acquired through a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement
    • Projects/areas/items associated with a technology control plan