CRO and AOR Definitions

The College Research Office (CRO) is responsible for reviewing, approving and submitting its college’s sponsored project proposals. CROs forward proposals to Sponsored Programs for review and final submission to the sponsor except in cases where they have delegated authority to submit certain proposals directly to the sponsor, with a copy sent to Sponsored Programs. CROs also manage post-award actions related to the sponsored work awarded within their colleges. Post-award actions include but are not limited to: project modification requests (PMRs) for extensions, supplemental funding, changes in project team members or rebudgeting requests, etc.; redistribution requests; and close-outs.

NC State University’s Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) is a college research officer within the CRO who has the responsibility and authority to conduct pre-award and/or post-award activities for sponsored work.
Delegated Signatory Authority