Conflicts of Interest and Notice of Intent

NC State University REG 01.25.01 mandates that certain employees and students participating in sponsored research take steps to ensure that their university work is free of bias. On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know about how to properly report Conflicts of Interest (COI) and how to file a Notice of Intent (NOI) before engaging in an External Professional Activity for Pay (EPAP).


The COI/NOI module of the Research Enterprise Data (RED) system launched May 12, 2020. All new COI disclosures and NOIs must now be submitted through RED. The legacy COI system and NOI system are still accessible in read-only format for reference, review, and reporting.

Undue Foreign Influence in Federally Funded Research

Conflicts of Interest (COI) 

conflict of interest (COI) is a situation influenced by financial or personal considerations, circumstances or relationships that may compromise, have the potential for compromising or have the appearance of compromising an employee’s objectivity when performing research or other employment duties.
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Notice of Intent (NOI)

At NC State, EHRA professionals and faculty who intend to engage in an External Professional Activity for Pay (EPAP) must file a Notice of Intent (NOI) at least ten days prior to the activity’s start date. Filing a NOI helps protect individual employees and the university from conflicts of commitment, which occur when the pursuit of an external activity involves an investment of time that interferes with an employee’s work obligations.
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Director of COI

Saloni Vahia

University Program Manager, COI

Tracy Harden

Administrative Support Specialist, COI

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