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IRB: Procedures and Guidance

The NC State University IRB maintains a wealth of documentation and other resources to assist researchers throughout the IRB lifecycle. Here, you’ll find all of our guidance documents on study design, methods and modes of data collection, and other considerations.

IRB Guidance

This section provides guidance on study design, methods and modes of data collection, and IRB considerations.

The NC State University IRB provides guidance for the most commonly asked questions, employed methods, and how to navigate the varying laws, regulations, and policies. Many of these guidance documents include or link to required forms, policies, and templates.

Genomics research usually generates identifiable information about an individual and those biologically related to them, within the same group in a region as them, or both. Genomics research can uncover information about a participant that has a direct bearing on their future or their family’s future. This information might be unsuspected and, therefore,  has both potentially wonderful and potentially harmful consequences to the individual or their relatives. Please note that the NIH genomic data sharing policy only applies to NIH-funded research that generates large-scale human or non-human genomic data as well as the use of these data for subsequent research.