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EAR Temporary License Exceptions

Items (material and equipment) subject to the Department of Commerce Export Administration Regulations (EAR) can be exported, in some cases, under temporary license exceptions.

Under the EAR, there are 2 license exceptions that will allow a traveler to take certain tangible controlled items out of the United States temporarily. To use the exceptions, the following must be true:

  • The tangible items, software or technology must be under the effective control of the traveler.
  • Software must have additional security precautions to prevent unauthorized access. Examples of security precautions include:
    • Secure connections , such as Virtual Private Network connections (VPN)
    • Passwords
    • Personal firewalls
  • Items must be consumed, destroyed in the normal course of use or returned to the United States within 1 year.
Ownership of ItemApplicable ExceptionDetails
NC State owned itemsTMPAllows travelers to take with them as NC State owned "tools of the trade". "Tools of the trade" include items, equipment, etc. that are used for University business and research, such as laptops or tablets with retail-level encryption.
Personally owned itemsBAGAllows travelers to take with them personally owned devices and software for their own use or the use by members of their immediate family.

Note: These license exceptions do not apply to:

For assistance with such items or if you are not sure if the items you intend to bring with you are eligible for these exceptions, please contact the Export Controls Team for assistance.